I’ve got some amazing things in the mail I want to share with you all today.

I’ve talked a lot about Wine Country Camera filters in my videos. Its a really unique filter system designed for high-end architectural and landscape photography applications. I’m good friends with the owner, Rod Clark and he just sent me the new 150 Filter Holder. The 150 is designed for wide-angle lenses that don’t have filter threading. The attachment for the filter holder goes over the lens and tightens into place. The attachment is made of glass-filled nylon so its extremely tough but also as light as a feather. These are made on an industrial 3D printer so they can produce these for very unconventional lenses and have them in production in as little as 3 weeks.

If you’re interested in Wine Country – check out the website and use offer code AOP to save 15% off of anything and everything in their store.


Thanks to all who sent me books this week – check them out here!

Oliver Krebs :: Signal to Noise https://www.kehrerverlag.com/en/oliver-krebs-signal-noise
Henry Balaszeskul :: Einhunderstelf https://www.einhundertelf.info
Marie Boyard :: Yunomi https://www.yunomimag.com

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Music is from Epidemic Sound. If you need music for your videos, Epidemic is simply the best in the business. Check them out here: https://goo.gl/v5wWKr

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* Wine Country Camera sent me the 150 holder system to share with you in this video. Rod is a close friend of mine – no financial transaction was made – I share his work because I really like what he does.