Photo Assignment #1 is to start a theme and variations and use a notebook to collect different ideas. There are 2 objectives here. The first is to force you to start making variations of your work – the angle, the focal length, the time of day, the pose – whatever you can explore. We tend to get lazy and stop with the first photo we make and this is no way to improve. In fact if you’re going to be lazy why shoot at all? This exercise gets us into the habit of exploring all possibilities.

The second objective is to get you to print your work and see it in a notebook. As optional as this might seem its really important to start evaluating your work this way. Get it off the screen. If you’re going to take the time to print your work out then you’ll put more care into the exercise to make it the best work you can make.

Many of the people who participated in this assignment wrote extensive notes which I found very impressive. Its great to see that thought process!

Viewer Work:

Anthony Coggins
Barry Carr
Cesar Robles
Chan Jing Yi
Daniel Firth
Daniel Pittard
Darío Paredes
Fabian Peternek
Felix Schadeck
Jan Erik Edvartsen
Jesus Coca
Jon Wong
Myron Allis
Paul Dlugos
Peter Knaeulein
Robert Hanley
Sean McCrossan
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