Photo Assignment #2 is the first in a series of 3 assignments that borrow a concept from cinematography: the angle of view. Its tempting in photography to frame everything up from wherever you are holding the camera. In this assignment we explore low angles of view and what works best.

Viewer Work:

Alexander Ka
Carmen Bianco
Chan Jing Yi
chi | barrientos
Daniel Bäck
Daniel Furness
David Morel
Gavin Crook
Jamie Douglas
Jonas Till Jäschke
Jon M Nelson
Khalil Sk
Khalil Sk
Moishe Lettvin
Paul Lucas
Paul Mannone
Paulo Gaspar
Peter Blake
Richard G Smith Jr
Robert Piretti
Sean Azzopardi
Shaun Tanner
Stuart Bailey
Willem Wouterse
Yuri Rasin

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