This assignment is difficult. In fact, at first I regretted actually giving it out as its highly conceptual and I didn’t think anyone would understand the objective. Well I was proven wrong. Photo Assignment #6 was to make a photo sequence. A photo sequence is a group of photographs that go in a specific order to tell a story. Probably most popularly used by Duane Michals, the photo sequence can be a strong tool in communicating actions that happen over time in a still photograph.

The work submitted was very impressive. Some used multiple frames while others did multiple exposure in a single image. This was one of my favorite assignments. Watch the viewer submission video to see all the work.

Viewer Work:

Adrian Bertschi‎
Alan Roderick‎
Andrew Hurteau
Mauro Raunich‎
Josh Brogan‏
فيصل الشمري
Barry Ong
Greg Orlov
Erik Lilja
Savanna Harper‎
Kevin Russo‎
Andrew Miller‎

Original Instruction Video:

Viewer Submission Video: