Ted Forbes Preset Pack 02


Ted Forbes Preset Pack 02

16 Presets for Adobe Lightroom and now Capture One!


  • 4 NEW Artist Pro Color Presets
  • 4 NEW Nocturne Presets (low light)
  • 4 NEW B+W (Monochrom) Presets
  • 4 NEW Vintage Color (VC) Presets

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Preset: APC 04 :: The Four Seasons

Vintage Color (VC) Presets

Vintage Color Presets were first found in Preset Pack 01. Continuing in the tradition of analog process looks of vintage film types mixed with a history of color printing interpretations, I’m really happy with these next 4 in the series. I went with more representative names this time around to have a little fun with them.

Preset: VC 05 :: Call Saul

Preset: VC 07 :: Lartigue Dreams In Color

Preset: VC 06 :: Dervish

Preset: VC 08 :: Vogue

New Artist Pro Color Presets

This new series has been in the works for over a year now. The concept behind the Artist Pro Color is to create looks that are more interpretive of the intentions of the photographer. Editors tend to render digital files in a generic way that I personally find soulless. This is why we spend so much time editing digital images. Originally I created these as profiles that would save me a ton of time not having to repeat my process over and over. These presets will give you analog warmth, but they’re not film looks. This lets you keep all of the detail and dynamic range that digital can offer, but they tone down extraneous highlight and shadow colors. These yield a much more “focused” color look that will make your images more character and soul without feeling over processed.

Preset: APC 01 :: Cathedral

Preset: APC 03 :: Manhattan

Preset: APC 02 :: Blastoff

Preset: APC 04 :: The Four Seasons


In music, a Nocturne is a short composition suggestive of night, typically composed in the 19th Century. Highly metaphoric in the musical sense, these were made popular by Chopin and Liszt. In the art world, a Nocturne is usually a picture or painting of a night scene. Nocturne Presets are a new series of looks for low light situations or low exposure. Poetic, dramatic and beautiful these will tone colors in low-key images providing mood and complexity. These work best if you’re underexposing slightly. You can also compensate with the exposure sliders.

Preset: Nocturne 01 :: Forecast

Preset: Nocturne 03 :: Blue Fellini

Preset: Nocturne 02 :: Deluge

Preset: Nocturne 04 :: Solstice

Monochrom (B+W) Presets

These 4 new presets pick up where I left off in Preset Pack 01. I spent many of my early years in the darkroom printing black and white images. One thing you learn in this process is that black and white is rarely black and white. There’s a tone to any paper you use – there’s warm tone paper and cool tone paper. There are many processes involved of toning images such as selenium toning. There’s different looks based on the contrast you’re printing for. I want to bring this approach to digital editing in a way that gives more life and complexity to images than you get just converting to hard black and white. This new presets pack will give you some interesting options and even a modern take on historical process.

Preset: Monochrom 05 :: Old Country

Preset: Monochrom 07 :: Shipwreck

Preset: Monochrom 06 :: New World

Preset: Monochrom 08 :: Sparkler

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Frequently Asked Questions

What software will support this preset pack?

Lightroom Edition:
Lightroom Classic 7.3 and later
Lightroom CC 1.3 and later
Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 10.3 and later (used with Photoshop)

Capture One Edition:
Capture One 12 or later – Supported Cameras (Canon, Fujifilm, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony)

Will these presets work on mobile devices?
Yes, you can use Mobile Lightroom. First import the presets into Lightroom CC and sync them with your mobile devices.

What file types are supported with these presets?
All image file types are supported, but note that they were designed for camera raw files. Images that have already been graded or images that are too compressed might have lower quality results.

Will these presets work with every image in one click?
For the most part, yes. If your image is exposed properly they should look really nice. These are designed as a starting point however and you are encouraged to make adjustments as needed. I’ve used the new Adobe Color Profiles. Adobe will use these as the base – the sliders are available to you to make adjustments without loosing this look. If you’re using the Capture One edition – these work the same way as ICM profiles.

Do you actually use these presets?
Absolutely! These are from my own personal collection designed as I have described above. I’ve been using these for the last few years and continue to do so.