Back in June 2018 I traveled to Venice, Florida to do a film on Clyde Butcher. Clyde is an incredible landscape photographer who is known with his work in the Florida Everglades. This trips are busy to say the least. As a 1 man film crew my time is pretty much spoken for. I stayed in a really cool restored motel that was across the street from the beach. Between the heat, red tide warnings and just being extremely busy filming – I didn’t get a chance to actually go to the beach until the very last night I was there. We’d wrapped up filming and I needed to pack my gear for the flight the next morning, but I ran over to the beach right at dusk – camera in hand.

There was a beautiful sunset, but that’s not unusual or interesting enough to photograph. I ended up just enjoying the moment and the quiet. Just as I was turning to leave, this guy sitting alone in the chair turned on his laptop – voila. This was a shot.

Just goes to show you, you have to be ready when the moment hits. I was there for maybe 30 min before turning to leave. This was the last thing I saw.

Beach at Dusk

Camera and Lens

This was taken on the Sony A7 III at about 2500 ISO with the Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8.